Airy Contemporary Home Interior in Minimalist Style

Nothing beats the modernity of the glass detail for both interior and exterior of a contemporary home. Don’t you think the same as well? Yet, today we will show you the fabulous Block House design that features the glass element for both the interior and exterior of this traditional row home of Philadelphia. Designed by the Moto Designshop, this design will allow you to maximize the daylight as well as the living space.


The bulkhead functions to divide space. Generally, solid insulation sheets, or even walls, are used as space partitions. The impression is mainstream and formal. Maybe for those who have limited space, that impression will appear to feel cramped.


As to get along in harmony with the traditional neighborhood, this stylish contemporary home Block House, a three-leveled modern residence, features the rectangular detail for the exterior. The result is the astonishing symmetrical look along with the beautiful golden tone that is exposed to the outdoor when the evening comes and the lighting of the indoor are turned on.


It is because the uses of glass block walls for the exterior as well. Yet, the use of this beautiful glazed glass block for the walls is wrapping the exterior extensively to the third floor.


As to maximize the use of both transparent glass windows and the glass block walls, the interior of this building exposes the white paint extensively that is contrasted with the wooden tone seen on the floors as well as the choice of furniture along with the stylish staircase.


You can also see the transparent glass details for the interior as well. The result is the bright appearance along with the airy atmosphere flowing throughout each room, making each space appears comfortable and larger at the same time.


You can also see the astonishing interior design within the modern living room. The stylish contemporary home interior for this space features the transparent glass details seen on the gorgeous coffee table and handrails for the wooden staircase. You can also see how this small space benefits the abundance of light as to create the airy and larger appearance which will make this small space looks inviting and comfortable as well.