A Corner Bathroom Vanity to Make the Most of Space

So, everyone need a privacy. Included, in their own bathroom. That is why there is a good invention named bathroom vanity. Though, not many people are lucky to have a large and wide bathroom vanity. But, once again thanks to the creativity and technology, there is something useful called corner bathroom vanity.


This is what you need if you only have a small space in your bathroom but you need a flexible, practical and ready to go space to prepare every morning. Here are some idea you can pick out.


Two vanities

If you live with your partner, this type of vanity is a best choice. So you each have your own space. No more waiting in the morning and no one of you will get late for work or going else. Use the corner to place each sink-base and cabinet to each wall. But make sure it’s not too close to each other.


Flat-Front Vanity

So, all you need is a L shape vanity. Place it in the corner. It can be a single vanity or two vanities. You can have cabinet in the low part and storage in the up part. The L shape vanity will fill the corner so this wont limit or disturb the space in your small bathroom. This kind of vanity is suitable to those whose house is modern style.


Curve Vanity

Different from the L shape vanity. This type of vanity is match well for the elegant style house. You just need to place curvy base in the corner in the bathroom. Then place the cabinets and storage, mirror also. This also match well to traditional decored room.


Corner bathroom vanities are a perfect option to those who want to make the most of space in their bathrooms. If you install a vanity in the corner, there will be much space left everywhere that you can serve for other furniture items. If you have been dealing with a limited space for too long, now this is your chance to shake off the problem. Corner vanities come in a plethora of designs, so you should not worry about styles because there are a lot to see when you hit the stores.


With the right vanity cabinet, you can transform the bathroom into a very engaging space. When it comes to themes, you can select any theme you like. If you want to decorate the bathroom based on the contemporary style, look for a vanity with a straightforward design and clean lines. If you want the room to lean towards the vintage style, look for a vintage vanity. A corner vanity provides you with a lot of advantages.


Among so many useful bathroom fixtures you can find today, corner vanities are one of the most useful. They offer great flexibility, too. Regardless of the layout of the corner, you can use it to adorn the area. Utilizing space properly is essential in decorating a bathroom. With a corner vanity, you have the opportunity to include other bathroom fixtures.


Another advantage is it helps get rid of clutter. Disproportionate storage placement is one of the reasons why clutter appears. With its compact design, it actually takes up much less space compared to any other vanity. Whether you want to put a pot, a bench, a chair, or another item into the room, it will not be a problem at all and the room will not feel cramped.