Design and Build Your Own Sectional Sofa

Of course the sofa must look amazing, but above all it must be comfortable. If it's in the living room, it should be a place where guests want to linger and if it's in the living room, a place where the family wants to relax and curl up to watch together. Big or small, the sofa is probably the biggest furniture investment in the room.


The idea is that you should choose a sofa that not only fits your interior decorating style but also functions as an appropriate focal point. More than that, your sofa will direct how you decorate and access the remaining living room. We have compiled a selection of the best sofas that will be a highlight of any space.


Everyone have their own dream house. From front to end, there must be design in your imaginary brain. But, not only the design of a home, you might have to think about to build your own sectional sofa. Who doesn't love sectional sofa? When you can relax and enjoy your time after a hectic day or even holiday. Then what to consider when building a sofa? Here are what we would tell you.


Arm and Base
Actually, there are 4 types of arm and base you can find and choose. They are straight arm, straight arm base, T-cushion arm and T-cushion base. This actually simple but we think that every detail to your sofa have to be paid attention. Furthermore, you need to make it match with your room or house theme.


As you want a comfortable sofa then you need to think about the back design. As you want to make it look like a box which good for modern style, or round asn it will comfort you better or you can choose also knife edge which look simple and humble.


Then, you need to choose the leg design. Will your sofa be put on the rugs or directly to the floor? Then will it be design as bottle which can fit modern and rustic style, or Hi trap or low trap.  Those three you can choose and they are also safe to rugs.


Ah this is least important. Get know what you are allergic to before choosing the fabric material. Since it will be like forever you touch and sit. Combine a unique style in materials will also beautify your room.


Last and important. Measure that your sofa will match well to your room. Not less or more.
Good luck! in build your own sectional sofa!