Door Security Bars Improve Security Levels

Security for a house is indispensable particularly if you live in an area with a high crime rate. Do you have sliding glass doors installed at home? While these unique furniture pieces are very beneficial as they also act as space savers, they are easier to open by force.

Therefore, you need to tighten the security with door security bars. Despite being impractical, hinged doors have build quality that makes it hard for someone to knock down. If you want to improve the security level of all doors, we suggest these items to you.


A hinged door can be protected by a deadbolt or a chain. They are great to improve security. As for sliding doors, safety is inevitably a serious aspect to consider. They don’t work with neither chains nor deadbolts. You have to find another way to secure your sliding glass door. Due to this reason, homeowners rarely install this kind of doors in entryways.

They are usually placed in rooms that need maximum space utilization, such as bathrooms. Just in case you have one installed in an entryway, please look for a security device to provide extra security. That's none other than giving you and family the best safety.


When a sliding door has been properly protected, intruders will need much time to damage it and break into your home. These security bars are available in hardware and furniture stores. If you have no idea of what a security bar looks like, it actually has a shape of a rod, paired with a v shaped hinge.

The installation is not that complicated if you know the mechanism. Just so you know, the bar is commonly attached to the door knob. Another common feature is a rub strip hanging down onto the floor.


To enable, it needs to be lifted up. There is a point where it gets locked up with the door, making it so tight and hard to open. Aside from utilizing a bar, there are other alternatives that you can try. First, try a wooden dowel. Place it on the bottom track of the door. This may sound like a no brainer, but it does help. You should give it a try. The same goes for track grips. Even with their small figures, they are still good to give the security measure effect.