A Full-length Wall Mirror to Open Up the Bathroom Space

A full-length wall mirror can really make a difference to any room in your home. There are numerous reasons why people use mirrors. They offer benefits for sure. Aside from their main function to deal with daily routine, like dressing up, applying makeup, shaving facial hair, etc, they can also transform into great accent pieces.

People use them to open up spaces. Dealing with a limited space is discouraging sometimes. Besides choosing smaller furniture items, adding mirrors is another solution.


They reflect light, making a room look substantially bigger than it actually is. A full length mirror can be attached on the wall as it creates a more even look. Under certain conditions, they are better than smaller mirrors.

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with a large mirror. It is too large to handle alone. You might need to work with an interior decorator to define the right spot for hanging the item. This mirror creates the illusion of an infinite space. These mirrors suit perfectly people who are conscious with their bathroom spaces.


Today's people prefer minimalist decor. These furniture items will help you achieve that. Actually, modern and minimalist homes are not the only ones that need mirrors. They are also required by other types of establishments.

Moreover, you can use them for different themes, from gothic to casual. Though they were not originally designed as space savers, they work just as effective in freeing up spaces. If you are too busy with your work, you may not want to waste much time on decorating. Wall mirrors are a simple solution to jazz up your house.


Just choose a pretty frame for a mirror. It’s enough to add flair to the interior of your home. Speaking of versatility, these pieces are definitely versatile. Mirrors are meant for every room, not like dressers which are mainly intended for bedrooms or recliner chairs which are mostly suitable for living rooms.

A mirror does not need to be glamorous. That's the frame that will define its overall appearance. If the frame is made ​​from magnificent solid wood, it will look classy without even trying. If the mirror is made ​​of cast iron or another metal, it will exude strong elegance. Pick the right size that corresponds to the size of the wall. Take measurements of the wall before determining dimensions for a mirror.


We sure that every morning, all you do is looking whether your appearance is perfect enough to walk out from your house’s door. Nothing should not be missed or you will just lose your confidence shortly. From head to toe, from cloth to shoe, everything have just to be perfect. So, full-length wall mirror is everyone’s dreaming.


  1. Have it in your bed room will be a very perfect decision ever. Or you can just put it in your bathroom vanity to increase your own vanity. Though, full-length wall mirror needs to be placed in the right position and height.
  2. You will not able to put in on the wall by yourself. You also may not able to pick it from the store through your indoor part in the house. That is why, ask for helps.
  3. Choose the right spot. Since it is not a decorative mirror that has so many thing to show off, this mirror just need a specific place where you can look at yourself easily. It might be your bed room, wardrobe or vanity space.
  4. The hanging technique. Do you want the wall to stay at that place forever or you have other space later? This will affect how you will hang the mirror, whether with permanent glue or only with mirror wire.
  5. Estimate accurately. Don't let the mirror look unbalanced. Step back 2 feet from the wall then see whether it is straight enough. Then, mark with pencil so you know the balanced position.
  6. When you glue the mirror, make sure that it glues effectively. Usually, there is manual in the packaging. Read before you use it, so you will get the best result. Or you can use screws to hold each edges not to move from its position.