Pediatricians and why their services are so important

Pediatricians and why their services are so important

As parents, have you ever realized just how much time you have spent in the pediatrician’s clinic during your child’s early years. Counting from the scheduled visits that are usually around six appointments before the child’s first birthday and another three before the second one, come all of those unscheduled visits due to sickness or else. What if you get to know that most of the time you do not even need to contact the pediatrician? This of course doesn’t mean you should always avoid going to your child’s doctor but the truth of the matter is that the majority of visits to the pediatrician with your child are totally unnecessary.

It is very common for us as parents, to rush to our child’s pediatrician in Dubai for every sniffle or other symptom. However, if you ask the average pediatrician they will tell you that 90% of their everyday patients come over with minor symptoms including not more than just a fever, coughing or wheezing, runny noses, weeping eyes, sore throats and sore ears. The doctors believe that the majority of these complaints require no medical intervention. Many pediatricians even state that such ‘illnesses’ are way better treated at home with time, some cuddles and some chicken soup! In majority of cases some well-known, experienced home remedies can certainly work wonders.

So, are you thinking then why are pediatrician’s clinics some of the busiest places in the world? Well, it all comes down to the society. Some doctors are more concerned with their patients’ well-being while some consider their own business more important. It’s surely not always about the practitioners in the society but also the parents.  Especially when both parents are working or where a parent is raising the child alone, they simply cannot afford for the kids to be sick or they would need some time off work. Many of them fear that the illness could be more serious than it seems and so would visit to the doctor to just be certain.

Remember that as long as kids are coming into contact with other kids at day care, schools or in parks, they are going to pick up various bugs and viruses. Your pediatrician will often be helpless to do anything more than just reassuring you that it is only a minor illness that will go on its own. Therefore, next time you are ready to race to the pediatrician’s clinic ask yourself if it is really necessary.

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