Reasons of opting for IVF

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the best option for all the couples who are having any complication regarding fertility and fail to conceive through other infertility treatments in Dubai. Secondly it is also very beneficial for the couples in which one of the partner is suffering from any kind of genetic disease.

As the name indicates, this technique is performed outside the body of the woman (in vitro). In which the first step is to stimulate the ovaries by giving an appropriate hormonal therapy, this could take almost 12 days. Then the eggs are collected from the woman, on the same side sperm sample is received from the man. Both are then allowed to fuse in the laboratory under the supervision of expert embryologist. Once the fertilization has occurred, suitable embryo is selected which is then implanted back into woman’s uterus safely. This was the whole process of IVF technique whereas if you want to learn about the reasons for opting this technique then read the following article.

Male infertility issues

Well, it is a huge myth that infertility issues are only restricted to woman. The fact is that male partner could be equally responsible for the difficulty in conceiving. Like if the sperm count in male is very low or if the sperm is having weak motility. We all know that the sperms are motile in nature which goes inside the woman’s body and fertilize with the egg. But if the sperms motility is not up to the mark then obviously it would be unable to reach the eggs of the woman resulting in pregnancy failure. To resolve this issue IVF is conducted so that the sperm would be able to fuse with the eggs without any complication.

Increased age of female

We all know that woman have a particular reproductive age duration which usually ranges from late teens to the 30’s. It is better for a woman to conceive within this duration as after the age of 30, woman’s chances of conceiving starts declining and after 35 it just become quite difficult for a woman to become pregnant again. This age could vary from woman to woman but we have mentioned it on the basis of majority outcomes that have been observed. Well, if you have crossed this duration and failed to conceive after several attempts then IVF pregnancy is the best option to opt for.

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