Important Steps in Hardwood Floor Installation

Do you know anything about hardwood floor installation? Actually, hardwood floor will increase the value in your home. Also, this material is known for its durability. So it is not a wrong choice to install a hard wood floor. If you want to save money in installing this, you can follow this easy steps.


  1. Buy the wood. Choosing the right look of the wood you bought will bring good looking room. So, you have to know what style, color and size you need when you go to the furniture shop.
  2. Store and Hide. After buying the right wood, you have to store them in the room where you want to install them. At least, keep them for 2 weeks. This will help the woods to adapt the humidity and temperature. So it will fit very well in the room.
  3. Remove the old floor. If the case is you are re-installing, so better to remove the old floor. This will avoid you to have a better level in flooring. So your installation can be done well and best in results.
  4. Snap a chalk line. Measure out of the wall using chalk. Also, prepare a thin wood to be used as a spacer in your sub floor. This will blend the floor with the wall indirectly.
  5. Lay down straight. Begin the hardwood floor installation in the longest, most straight wall with the long and most straight floor board. Lay down them perfectly to prevent the crooked and slanted floor.
  6. Nail the down. You can use nail gun.
  7. Continue and check. Continue to lay the woods down until finish. Don’t forget to check the work so you have your floor installed right and exact.


Some of you may wonder if installing hardwood floor is easy or not. The ease of an installation is determined by many factors. First, it is important for you to understand different types of installations. First, you can set down the material faster. To help you do this job, staples would be required. In addition, you will also need nails. Another type of installation is spreading glue all over a base before you lay floor pieces on it.


There are some supplies that you need to purchase, such as a trowel and adhesive. The last method is called floating. In this method, adhesive and staples can be ruled out because we do not need them anymore. Start off with rolling out a pad over the sub-floor. This pad serves to keep the flooring in place. You can not do this technique by skipping this important step.


After it's done, your next job is to install the hardwood pieces. We believe you can do that even on the first try because it is very simple to do. That's because the floor pieces are attached on the pad instead of being fastened down.

This installation also offers versatility. You can install it in every room in your home. Purchasing nice flooring is as important as its installation. With the right flooring, your home will not only look fabulous, but it can save much money.


With this method, you no longer need glue or a fastening machine which costs good money. This installation system is preferred by many homeowners because they can do it themselves. Sure, you can hire a professional to install wood floors, but it will increase your expenses.