Making DIY Decorative Pillow Covers

Making a pillow cover is a very swift, easy and cheap project. Now, with only your Internet connection, you can go and search to any patterns for decorative pillow covers. Go to Pinterest and find patterns you like. Then, plan a DIY projects to make some these awesome furniture items. All you need is plain pillows, fabric pant, brush (the foam one), and regular erasers. Wood ruler and tape will be needed also. Then, how are the steps? This steps below are the steps to make a simple stripes pillow covers.


  1. Remove the pillow from the pillow cover. Then place craft paper inside so then the fabric paint will not seeping to the other side of the cover. Before, make sure also that you have washed the pillows, so they are clean and ready to go.
  2. Prepare your wood ruler, then measure at least 1 ½ inch from the left side of the cover. Then to make it stable when you paint the pillow cover, tape the wood ruler in each edges.
  3. Then, add the fabric paint to the plate, or it's better if you have palette. After that, use the foam brush, apply the paint to the eraser. Make it full.
  4. Start in the left edge, measure and press the eraser well in the pillow cover. Make sure the paint is tacked well and full.
  5. Then, repeat the procedure until the very left side of the covers are full. To each block of paint, measure 1 cm.
  6. If it is done, then move the wood ruler to 3 ¾ inches from the right side. Then mark using pencil. After that, stable the ruler with tape in both edges.
  7. Then you can repeat the painting procedure until you plain pillow become a full pillow cover.


Decorative pillow covers are designed to spruce up interiors. They would add a dash of style to the interior of your home. With their scintillating colors, a drab interior can instantly be transformed into an alluring space. There are several things you need to know about these wonderful furniture items. First, get to know the materials that can be used to make them. Suede, nylon, yarn, and leather are some common choices. All of them have their respective looks and advantages.


When it comes to patterns, there are 2 main options, hand-painted patterns and digitally-printed patterns. Both are nice, but when the process involves humans, the outcome will be more personal. They will be great for your living room furniture. Your bedroom can also have these treatments only to make them look better.

Washing a cover can not be done recklessly. There are certain cleaning procedures that you need to know. It is none other than extending the life of your covers because each material needs a different treatment.


Comfort is another essential factor. Comfort depends on the material. If a cover is made ​​from a soft material, it will automatically provide good comfort. Pillow covers are also produced in numerous sizes. There are square-sized covers which turn out to be the most popular among other shapes. Covers are not just for pillows, though. Manufacturers also make ones for bolsters.


Though not everybody loves having bolsters in their bedrooms, these items are easily found in home improvement stores and furniture retailers. So, what covers should you purchase? You can start with selecting a fabric, then a shape, patterns, colors, and so on. You will probably spend lengthy hours in stores due to many choices available. Just take advantage of your time the best possible.