Olhausen Pool Tables: Strong, Durable, and Playable

If you are a serious pool player, Olhausen pool tables must be very familiar to you. Yes, this brand offers some of the finest products you can find on the market. All of them incorporate playability, style, and durability. There are many different models, so you have a chance to select a table that you really like.

For those who play this game consistently, do not miss this brand. There are many things that make their products superior. First, they create no noise. Playing pool can be noisy at times. The problem is probably not the players, but the table.


The screeching sound may come from a table that is not well-built. Olhausen tables are designed to muffle noise, creating a quiet atmosphere. Another good thing about their products is that they have all been laboratory-tested. When a company pays serious attention to this kind of stuff, they mean business.


What are the good results obtained from the series of tests? These tables are stronger by a landslide Compared to other products. They can hold a lot more weight. The best part is it takes great craftsmanship to manufacture each table. Yes, Olhausen tables are handmade.


There's always something special about hand-crafted pieces. They feel more personal. They are also slightly better in terms of strength. There are numerous finishes that you choose according to the needs. With an experience of more than 35 years in the industry, there's much we can explain about this powerful brand.


Olhausen has become a household name. Whenever you ask someone who has an interest in this game, he must know a thing or two about this particular brand. Each product comes with a warranty. It is important given that these indoor furniture pieces are not cheap at all.


Also, you need to know that there is some sort of customization provided. You have a chance to build a pool table that suits your personal requirements. What's the secret behind its success? We don’t think there’s a secret at all. It has been common knowledge that when a company fails to deliver quality, buyers will not come close.


Conversely, when a company puts serious effort into providing the best products and service, the word of mouth will bring it to success.

Hardwood is the main material for these tables. Lumber is carefully sorted out to get the best quality. Where does the raw material come from? The hardwood is mainly imported from the southeastern United States and Saudi Arabia. That's all we want to share about these epic pool tables. Get one right now.