The Different Between Indoor Outdoor Rugs

There are a number of strategies to make the residential floor warmer and more attractive, one of which is to install a floor rugs. Check out this article to find out the benefits of floor rugs and the reasons for installing floor rugs. You will also find tips on choosing the right floor carpet based on carpet material, room occupancy, and shape of the carpet.


Having rugs is like having a good cover to the floor. How your feet feel will affect your mood right? Therefore, it is somehow important to have rugs in your home, whether it is indoor outdoor rugs. Anyway, can we just simplify the rugs into one type? Can outdoor rugs be applied indoor? For your information, there are some differences between indoor and outdoor rugs.


Since we don't want you to choose the wrong type of rugs, then we will jot down the differences below.

Actually, both are made and offered in any standard and custom sizes. A bit difficult to know which one is for indoor and outdoor. But commonly, indoor rugs are bit larger than the outdoor one. It is because the indoor rugs are used in a larger seating area. And having a large rugs outdoor wont comfort you much.

Rug Pad
Some says that outdoor rugs will need a rug pad. This is because the rug pad will let the air circulate well under the rug and make the rugs last longer. Furthermore, outdoor rugs also need a well maintenance since they often exposed to sun, dirt and rain. For indoor, this one is not really recommended.


Cleaning Treatment
For indoor rugs, surely you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean away the dirt. But the treatment will be different to outdoor rugs. Some outdoor rugs just need to drape over the furniture.

To bring your outdoor rugs in to indoor area like kitchens, dining room or living room is very reasonable. You will have no worry to spill and splash water. Furthermore, they will also do great for a hi-traffic area like hallway or entry way. But, it doesn't happen to your indoor rugs. The element and materials of indoor rugs will not stand and be good with the weather outside. Sun or rain will damage them.

So, that are the basic different of indoor outdoor rugs. Hope we help you much.