Vanity Light Bars as a Great Source of Lighting

A vanity light bar  adorns your vanity like nothing else. These light fixtures are designed specifically for vanities. If you want to jazz up your bathroom vanity and add flair to it, then this should top your priority list. Why should you have one? It helps flatter your skin tone, something that you might never expect before. By properly choosing lighting for your vanity, the skin tone will not turn grayish, which in turn affects the way you apply makeup.

Therefore, if you always feel like wearing makeup not properly, then the lighting is probably the problem. You need to change the existing yellow-tone bulbs with these ones.


A vanity needs light. Not all homeowners like supplementing their vanities with it. They opt for external sources of lighting, such as wall and ceiling bulbs. We think that it is important to put this fixture over vanity extending as long as 25 inches or more. It allows the light to spread evenly all over the room. As a result, there will be no dark areas showing up on your face while looking into the mirror. That's very beneficial for applying makeup.


For you who do not now, a bathroom light bar is actually numerous small bulbs which are mounted horizontally. They are not only meant for vanities. Other furniture items can also be complemented with these light fixtures. Ideally, the number of light bars should be tailored to the size of a vanity.

They come in numerous styles, too. If you have none in the bathroom, go to the store. There are so many types you will find there, such as down lights, up lights, and other varieties.


They also come with a wide assortment of finishes and adornments. They can be frosted, marbleized, etc. Various modifications are available, so you have a great chance to find one that really suits the theme of your bathroom. No matter whether the room is set up using a modern or a traditional theme, there should be suitable bars for the room.


If you prefer modern designs, then brushed nickel, chrome, and other metals make great options. Choose well-known brands. Some manufacturers are known for their nicely-built products.