Wholesale Table Linens For Weddings

All wedding receptions should begin with perfect presentation, starting with the right linen tablecloths. With the right tablecloths, starts from linen, taffeta, polyester, until spandex, your wedding will surely be memorable because of its beauty.


In recent years, the concept of weddings in the world, especially in Europe more often carries a buffet style rather than sitting dinner. But if you plan to hold a wedding with the concept of sitting dinner, one important thing to note is table decorations. Especially if your event will take place with an elegant concept, a beautiful table layout will immediately attract the attention of the invited guests.


If renting those tablecloths and buying them has the same amount of money you should withdraw, then, why renting? Many stores now provide you with different kinds of wholesale table linens so that you can satisfy your guests by the beautiful table linens you’ve chosen.


LUXURY COLLECTION Duchess Sequin Round 108" – Champagne is a good example for you to decorate your round tables on your wedding reception. This wholesale table linen is definitely for you who are craving for an elegant wedding for these wholesale table linens are perfect for duchess who wants to invite her guests in a lady like manner with luxurious decoration.

The table linens are made of glistening round sequins atop fabric, so if you want to clean them, the only way to do that is by dry cleaning.


Another example of luxurious wedding decoration can be gotten from Vibrant Flamingo Petals 120 Round Tablecloth White. This wholesale table linens are named ‘flamingo’ for they brings forth a wave of energy and makes you imagine colorful lights and couples dancing everywhere.

Aren’t they suitable for a beautiful wedding like yours? Made of taffeta, this round circle petals styled table linen is approximately 120” round.


For you who have chosen vintage as your wedding theme, this CHAMBURY CASA Fine Rustic Burlap Tablecloth 60x126" Natural Tone will be a completion towards your wedding preparation and decoration. Not only good for formal occasions like wedding, this will still be usable for you later on when you decide to have a family picnic.


Use this wholesale table linen as your outdoor summer wedding reception, both luxury and humble theme will be grabbed. Made of high quality Jute/Burlap, this 60” x 126” table linen will be perfect for bonding moments!