Stats for team building

Stats for team building

If you are working then you already know the daily challenges and competition your company is going through. Companies most of the time are struggling to beat their competitors by coming up with new strategies. But all these strategies, ideas and hard work cannot be done alone. You need a team that is brilliant and committed to work. When a team with brilliant minds and ambitions sit together and decide their work plan, they will definitely work more efficiently and will also succeed in the competition.

But these days, employees like to work in their separate corners without any disturbance. They are unaware of the fact that when they will collaborate and work together, they can increase productivity with maximum problem solving.

Here are some statistics of corporate team building activities in Dubai by the best company of event management in Abu Dhabi that can impact on your thinking regarding team work:

  • 75% of the employees working at a firm have this suggestion that team work is very important but on the other hand only 18% of these employees get communication evaluation.
  • Most of the failures faced by a company or an executive site is because of the reason that there is no teamwork between the employees and also the low collaboration rate of the company.
  •  This is the era of working online instead of working offline. Many businesses work through internet. So according to a survey almost 80% offline and online both businesses use social collaboration tools for the promotion of their business.
  • Another important factor is that the member of the team should get along with each other. If the teammates are not comfortable around each other than the outcome will not be as expected. 97% employees and firms believe that without alignment of the team the project is compromised.
  • With every passing Day competition is increasing even between employees working at the same firm. Because of this competition they hold grudges against each other and do not corporate with each other which impacts the business project.
  • According to  a survey almost 54% of the employees agreed to the fact that there company has environment of a community  then it made them stay a much longer than they expected.
  • It is a fact that almost all of the employees want to work at such a firm in which work is done truthfully and if there are any issues and problems then they should also be discussed effectively and truthfully.
  • The most successful companies are those who allow their employees to communicate with them truthfully and they tend to retain the best employees for a longer time.

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