How to prepare children for starting school

How to prepare children for starting school

First day of children in school is certainly always a huge deal for any child then whether they are in FS1 school in Dubai or grade 1 – the excitement and dread are the same. Some children despise schools while others are eagerly waiting for them to resume. Whatever the mood is, here are some tips to follow to help your children prepare for their first day back to school – or to school:

  • Leave the study part for teachers

We have seen so many parents who take on the responsibility of teaching children on themselves. Well, this is not your task and leave this to teachers and primary school British curriculum, right now you need to be more parents and less teacher. Let them know that they are on vacations but soon they will need to go back to study and, in the meantime, they can enjoy playing and have some quality family time instead. Rather focus more on their behavior and attitude and improving it.

  • Have discussions about going back to school

Going back to school can surely be pretty dreadful but when you keep bringing up the topic in discussion and associate the subject with fun and activities and meeting friends again then it will surely spark joy in them. It is normal for them to be excited one moment and show loathing emotions the second moment but make sure that you always rationalize their emotions and find something positive about being back to school to divert their attention to.

  • Listen to their feelings

When they talk about their feelings with you, make sure you are available and open to listening to them. Acknowledge their feelings and let them know that you understand. Rationalize their fears and tell them how you would be there waiting for them back home – or you will pick them up after school and then you two can head off to the ice cream truck. Whichever it is, make sure you tell them that you understand.

  • Don’t worry if they still need help with going to washroom

Maybe this is one of those things that might be eating you up and keeping you awake at night. Don’t worry about this because if children know even a little bit about going to washroom themselves then they will be settled. There is of course help available in schools, so don’t worry.

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